What our clients say

Here are a few comments from our clients.

We undertook an exercise to review various models as to how the Fairer Funding Review could change the Council's finances and the strategic implications of such changes. Adrian was extremely helpful and came to our offices to take us through the key drivers, and the impact of changes to these could have on Peterborough's finances. This modelling and analysis formed a fundamental element to support the Council's case for exceptional support. In addition to this specific and tailored service, we love attending the regular briefings, enjoying the camaraderie Adrian and his team engender at these events. We are able to place confidence in the regularly updated models produced by Pixel as they provide clear and focused feedback aiding the application of the technical government guidance, and Adrian is always at the end of the phone or email for more detailed discussions if needed. Since lockdown, the introduction of bitesize and free(!) webinars have been a hit with the new and more established members of the team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pixels.


Emma Riding and Kirsty Nutton

Peterborough City Council

The MTFS and FFR models accessible through Pixel’s Funding Advisory Service enables greater confidence in our financial planning. The information and intelligence available through regular briefings and webinars is invaluable.


Sarah Bryan

Surrey County Council

I have worked with Adrian, Pixel, for over 10 years and have found his insight, knowledge, experience and ease of communication invaluable in providing that strategic view of local government finance. Pixel are a trusted name in the local government sector and I look forward to working with him in the years to come.


Clive Mason


Pixel has been an important companion in financial planning, helping us navigate the uncertainties of local government finance over the last few years. I have found their support and advice essential – both in the technical aspects and the regular updates which are very easy to understand and relay to non-financial colleagues.


Jake Bacchus

Westminster City Council

North West Leicestershire have used Pixel Financial Management’s Funding Advisory Service for many years. We have found Adrian and his team to be at the helm of understanding the potential and planned intentions of central government when it comes to the local government finance system. Pixel’s insight, knowledge and engagement has enabled our authority to get a true grasp on the financial risks it faces and take meaningful action to ensure it remains financially resilient.


Tracy Bingham

North West Leicestershire

Adrian has a wealth of knowledge and provides a first-class service to local authorities, the Briefing Notes provided around local government finance and funding are always issued promptly following announcements and are very comprehensive and help simplify complex issues.


Mark Dickenson

North Northamptonshire

I've worked with Pixel for a number of years now and have used a wide range of the services that they have to offer and overall find their service to be invaluable to financial planning. Their briefings are always timely and full of useful insight and opinion. Pixel always provide context and a professional view on the practicable or probable implications for the sector.


Chris Blundell

Thanet District Council