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Experts in local government finance and funding

We provide support and advice to over 160 local authorities through our Funding Advisory Service. Our forecasting models and briefing notes gives authorities the insight and analysis they need for their financial plans. We also deliver expert advice to national representative bodies.

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Councils overfunded for COVID pressures last year but ‘chronic’ financial pressures remain’

25th January 2022

Our article provides wider context to the report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) that local government received more funding for COVID pressures in 2020-21 than was actually spent.  This is correct - although the amount can be disputed - but it is not sufficient to fund later...

Room 151 article

14th June 2021

Our latest article explores how difficult it is to make financial forecasts for 2022-23. The uncertainty might be with us for some time yet. 

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What our clients say

The MTFS and FFR models accessible through Pixel’s Funding Advisory Service enables greater confidence in our financial planning. The information and intelligence available through regular briefings and webinars is invaluable.


Sarah Bryan

Surrey County Council

North West Leicestershire have used Pixel Financial Management’s Funding Advisory Service for many years. We have found Adrian and his team to be at the helm of understanding the potential and planned intentions of central government when it comes to the local government finance system. ...


Tracy Bingham

North West Leicestershire

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