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Experts in local government finance and funding

We provide support and advice to over 160 local authorities through our Funding Advisory Service. Our forecasting models and briefing notes gives authorities the insight and analysis they need for their financial plans. We also deliver expert advice to national representative bodies.

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Pixel - MTFP model v5.12 update

23rd April 2024

Our video takes you through the changes we have made to the MTFP model.  The model is available on our website: https://pixelfinancial.co.uk/s... 

CTR1 2024-25. Band D and...

NEW - Pixel’s strategic finance report

25th March 2024

Pixel has developed a new strategic finance report that can support your authority's financial planning and budgeting process. It uses a range of forecasting tools and benchmarking analysis to deliver insights into your authority’s financial position and prospects. It also goes one step...

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What our clients say

Pixel has been an important companion in financial planning, helping us navigate the uncertainties of local government finance over the last few years. I have found their support and advice essential – both in the technical aspects and the regular updates which are very easy to understand and...


Jake Bacchus

Westminster City Council

The MTFS and FFR models accessible through Pixel’s Funding Advisory Service enables greater confidence in our financial planning. The information and intelligence available through regular briefings and webinars is invaluable.


Sarah Bryan

Surrey County Council

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